Travel Texas And Make Memories Enjoying These Food Staples Of The State

Texas is the second largest state in the US, home to many great cities and where half of my family lives. In fact, I used to live there, too, and it is a wonderful state to call home. It is known for many things, and I can tell you all about them. What do you already know about Texas. Some of what I am about to tell you are things you have likely already heard at some point. For example, you have heard everything is big in Texas.

Now, you might have already heard that Texans like their barbecue, too. Have you ever tried barbecue in Texas? If you have, then you know exactly why they always talk about Texas barbecue. If you go to try Texas barbecue for the first time, then you are going to want to have some brisket for sure. You also want to throw in some sausage, pulled pork, ribs and well, all the sides, too. Make sure you have some freshly sliced onions and pickles on your plate and a glass of sweet iced tea.

Texas is also known for serving up some great Mexican cuisine. That also influences the beans as sides for barbecue restaurants. Let me tell you, Texans know how to make beans. They will also show you some delicious Mexican food as mentioned, including homemade tortillas, chips, salsa, and well, the rest of the food is homemade, too. Are you in the mood for some enchiladas?

Look for an all you can eat Mexican buffet where you visit. There might not be one, but if there is, go for it. There will be plenty of Mexican restaurants though, and you will love the TeX Mex cuisine. I certainly do, and my whole family does. We all love barbecue as well.

Now Texas is a place for burgers and steaks, too. Yes, the state is known for much more than food, but as you can see, there are certain iconic food staples for the state. You will enjoy a nice steak if you pick one of the many steakhouses there. Hit up all the attractions in Texas that you can, and enjoy your stay. You have so many cities to choose from. Are you going to try to hit more than one? If not, you can always come back and travel Texas. It will mean making plenty of memories.