Tips For Helping Students As STAAR Testing Begins Across Texas

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Thousands of students across Texas will sharpen their pencils on Tuesday on put their skills to the test. It is the first day of STAAR testing for many children in third grade through eighth grade. There is a lot of pressure on kids to take this standardized test and do well.

In some grade levels, a passing score is required for promotion.

Teachers in elementary and middle schools work all year on preparing students for the test, and want them to be confident.

Here are some tips for parents with children who will be taking the test this week:

• Students hopefully got a good night’s sleep.

• Make sure that students eat a good breakfast that is packed with protein, nothing too high in sugar or carbs. McDonald’s is offering a free breakfast to students and teachers on Tuesday, but only the healthier items like oatmeal and egg white sandwiches.

• Make sure that your child has everything that they will need, including a jacket and lunch. Some school districts will not allow any visitors on campus during testing — even parents.

• Slip an encouraging note into your child’s backpack or lunch.

• Get the kids to school earlier than normal in order to avoid any possible stress from running late.

The Texas Education Agency has released sample questions from last year’s STAAR test, to give parents and students an idea of what kind of questions are to be expected across the various grade levels on Tuesday. Give them a shot, and see if you could pass the test.

5th Grade Science: Many desert animals depend on prickly pear cactus. What role does the prickly pear cactus play in a desert food web?

A) It obtains energy from producers. B) It returns nutrients to the soil. C) It preys upon other organisms. D) It provides energy to consumers.

6th Grade Math: A house painter mixed 5 gallons of blue paint with every 9 gallons of yellow paint in order to make green paint. Which ratio of gallons of blue paint to gallons of yellow paint will make the same shade of green paint?

A) 30:54 B) 6:10 C) 10:45 D) 27:15

8th Grade Social Studies: What was the primary question surrounding the 1832 Nullification Crisis?

A) Can the federal government regulate interstate commerce? B) Can a state regulate a federal agency? C) Can a state overturn a federal law? D) Can the federal government levy taxes on states?

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