Have you Ever Been to Estonia?

Did you know that a country called Estonia ever existed? Well, for those who come from Europe, you must be quite familiar with how beautiful this country is but for our friends across the other side of the world, it is a gem that you must discover. 

Estonia is one of Northern Europe’s best kept secrets. This little nation is concealed among Finland and Latvia on the outskirt of Russia.  So let’s get the ball rolling and explore this city.

1. Visit the Underwater Prison 

Area: Ruumu 

The Soviet’s old Underwater Prison in Ruumu is by a wide margin one of the most astounding spots in the entirety of Estonia. This relinquished jail is presently a most loved spot of numerous jumpers and admirers of experience. In case you’re in Estonia during the hotter months, you totally need to mastermind a plunge at this jail. 

2. Investigate an Abandoned Missile Hangar 

Area: Türisalu 

Surrendered destinations are consistently an impact, particularly when they were recently utilized as a rocket shed. The relinquished rocket shelter in Türisalu is confirmation that they Soviets have left their imprint all over Estonia. 

3. Stop by the Estonian “Eiffel Tower” 

Area: Reigi 

Who needs to go to Paris when you have the fabulou Estonia? Jaan Alliksoo made his own adaptation of the well known French Eiffel Tower. His creation was named after the first is as yet known as “Hiiumaa Eiffel Tower.” 

4. See Tallinn’s Protector 

Area: Tallinn 

Old Thomas, which is English for “Vana Toomas,” is believed to be the gatekeeper of Tallinn, has a charming story. This kid, whose mother was an angler, had such a decent shot that the city monitors requested that he join their crew when he was a youthful teenager. 

5. Visit the Suicide Spot 

Area: Türisalu 

The Türisalu Cliff is one of Estonia’s generally delightful, yet appalling spots. It is a famous spot where youngsters end it all by bouncing into the ocean far beneath. Regardless of its unfortunate nature, it is as yet a great spot to visit. 

7. Experience passionate feelings for All Over Again at Pärnu Seawall 

Area: Pärnu 

Need to hear a beautiful legend? In the event that you stroll to the furthest limit of the breakwater at Pärnu Seawall, you will undoubtedly adore the individual you’ve strolled with for eternity. Wouldn’t it be sweet if this story was valid? 

8. Find out About Estonian History at Noora 

Area: Tartu 

Need a direct wellspring of Estonian history? Stop by Noora, Estonia’s public documents home office.  It’s definitely mesmerizing here. Feed your eyes with the beauty it offers and bring home lots of memories to look back to.

9. Visit the Ruhnu Lighthouse 

Area: Ruhnu 

The Ruhnu Lighthouse offers a completely great sight. It is situated on the little island of Ruhnu, which is directly off of the bank of terrain Estonia.

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