Dallas News: Could Amazon’s Next Headquarters Be On The Way?

This morning brought some exciting news for residents of Dallas who like to keep their finger on the pulse of local business news. Today Amazon.com announced their final 20 cities they are considering as the location of their new North American headquarters. There were over 230 different proposals from three different countries looking to woo Amazon into their backyard and this morning residents woke up to find out that Dallas, Texas is one of the 20 finalists, along with the state capital Austin, Texas.

This is far from a done deal is there is plenty of competition from a wide array of cities from the large behemoths like New York City, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago as well as a variety of strong interesting sites from smaller region such as Raleigh North Carolina, Indianapolis Indiana, and Nashville Tennessee.

However one thing definitely working in Dallas’s favor is the fact that a perfect site already exists for constructing a new headquarters. The estimated 100 acre campus that Amazon would want would be builds at the aging Valley view Mall area, which has long been past its prime is already in the process of being demolished leaving the perfect large area opening for a new urban campus.

This setup, along with a large workforce that can be drawn from multiple suburbs and large nearby cities and a vibrant cultural life, will hopefully give Dallas the edge in becoming the next home for Amazon’s newest headquarters. This setting also allows the urban campus to have an “Amazon Park” close by that could be just for the company’s employees, another selling point that might just tip the scales in Dallas’s favor.

On the final decision may be a ways off yet making it to the final 20 is the all-important first step to the economic boom that these headquarters could bring the area.