Top 6 Reasons to visit Cuba

There are so many reasons why it’s worth it to spend your vacation in Cuba. From fascinating cultural heritage to stunning beaches to delicious local delicacies to amazing adventures, you’ll have so much fun in Cuba. As well, if you’re looking to dance and party, Cuban Music is top-notch. Still not convinced? In this article, I will give you 6 reasons why you should add Cuba to your must-visit destinations. 

  1. Hiking and adventure 

Considering that Cuba is an island, its surrounded by numerous natural attractions perfect for rock climbing, bird watching, hiking. For the best waterfalls, green vegetation, and hidden caves, you should check out the Sierra Maestra mountain range. 

For hikers, you should try climbing Cuba’s highest peak – the Pico Turquino. The Listed Vinales Valley (UNESCO World Heritage Site) also offers lively and stunning landscapes, perfect for adventures. You can explore this magnificent land by bike or just take a walk. 

  1. Beautiful beaches 

Being a Caribbean Island, Cuba is packed with numerous beaches. With 300 clean water and white sand beaches to explore, Cuba is a perfect destination for a beach escape away. Some of the most famous beaches to try out include the Player Pilar in Cayo Guillermo, Guardalavaca Beach, Playa Ancón, Vinales, and the Playa Los Flamencos in Cayo Coco. You have plenty of variety of regions and beaches to choose from.

  1. The Cuban Food 

What’s a vacation without great food? As for Cuba, it has numerous spots and eateries where you can have a taste of the best modern and traditional Cuban delicacies. Having a tight budget? Well, that shouldn’t worry you as far as food is concerned. You can get sweet foods at considerably low prices. As well, if you are well packed, there numerous trendy tapas and cervezas spots, so you can’t get hungry.

  1. Great weather all year round 

Cuba is an all-year tourist destination. The island is warm, and there’s plenty of sunshine throughout the day – approximately eight hours. Cuba has 2 distinct seasons – dry season from November to April and the wet season from May to October. Generally, the weather is warm all through the year, except for a few cold days between Jan and March. 

  1. Entertainment 

Your vacation to Cuba won’t be complete without enjoying the Cuban phenomenal live singing and dancing – Cuban ballerinas are among the best in the world. While you can enjoy these on the street, you should check out some fantastic shows in Havana’s lively bars, Tropicana, and Buena Vista Social Club. Make sure you pick up some salsa moves before heading back home! 

  1. Unique history 

For historians, Cuba has a rich history that you’ll find very interesting. Numerous Museums offer in-depth historical information about the Islands. Make sure you check out the Che Guevara Mausoleum (Santa Clara) and the Museum of the Revolution ( Old Havana). As well, you can explore other historical sites such as the two fortresses of Old Havana and the Bay of Pigs. 


Indeed, Cuba is a beautiful and safe island to spend your vacation in. The locals are very friendly and will always point you in the right direction. Furthermore, it’s affordable and won’t drain your savings!